Wobble Wednesday

Wobbles Wednesday

So for the last few weeks Ive been getting more and more stressed about my impending holiday to Portugal. As much as I cant wait to get there, lovely sunshine, beach, nice bars etc The thought of wearing shorts, skirts, etc has been filling me with dread.
Last week I joined upto a meal replacement programme called LipoTrim. Its very similar to the Cambridge Diet – basically 3 milkshakes a day and aim to drink 3-4 litres of water a day. On the 1st day I was all set and motivated, the milkshakes were nice (ish) but by the 2nd and 3rd day I was literally in tears. You are not allowed any food at all. Not a crumb. I was down in London at Parliament with the Campaign, I was so hungry and whilst in a meeting with an MP I nearly fainted. Everyone around the table had tea and coffee with milk whilst I had to have just plain tea with no milk. This week has been torture but by the 5th – 6th day was feeling a lot better.

Yesterday was Weigh In. I was convinced I was losing 2lb and had already planned to go into Costa Coffee for a lemon tart. Suprisingly I had lost 5lb. Instantly I felt great. That feeling of knowing I had actually lost outweighs all the bad days. It is a drastic “diet” to do but I need something like this because I am your typical Little Picker and as my husband says “a Secret Eater” (Not that I think I am!!)
I’ve been advised by the consultant at Lipotrim to drink more water. If I’m feeling tired or lethargic drink more water. She likened the body to a car…. If a car has no petrol it cant move, a pretty good analysis so for me to keep going I need to drink more.
Hopefully for next weeks Wobble Wednesday I will have an update with good news. Have a good week Wobblers….we are in this together :)

For more information on Lipotrim click on the link http://www.lipotrim.co.uk/

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