Tomorrows Morning Star – Facs Syndrome

This is the link to tomorrows Morning Star, newspaper in London. I have shared this link on Emma4facs National Twitter Campaign page on Facebook.

Below is a quote from a parent with views :

doing really well on this emma.. one of these papers is going to print something worth while soon.. i.e last year sanofi made £388 million profit on epilim alone and around 3000 babies were born last year with FACS.. so thats 3000 babies and families who lives were ruined before they were born, with a very high pecentage of whom will have to be looked after by the state for the rest of thier lives.. sanofi keep saying that they have always given adequate warnings of the side effects, but it was’nt until the day after (i understand) the litigation court case at the high court (which already had £3.5 million spent on it) had been halted due to the legal aid suddenly being stopped, did they update the patient leaflet in the box with “some” side effects.. at the moment on average 3000 babies a year are born with it, so their warnings are clearly inadequate! (estimated 50,000 in the last 40 years).. we went thru 4 pregancies and non of our health care “proffesionals” (GP – Midwife – Antenatal Consultants – Nuerologists) stepped in a said “hey you need to be off this medicine immediatly” or even hinted at the long list of devostating side effects.. so again the warnings clearly wer’nt well known even in the one part of the health proffession that really SHOULD have known about it!

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