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I last had my tarot cards read 10 years ago shortly after my mum had died. The reading wasnt that good so have always been a bit cynical about tarot readings. Lately Ive been wanting a reading done, so last night I had them read and …..Wow.  Utterly amazed, and in a way rather scarey.

She asked me to shuffle a pack of cards and to separate them into 3 piles, and to pick a pile for her to work from.  Straight away she said “your partner loves you very much” so I was thinking , here we go another rubbish reading.  She then went onto say “been together 10 years, thats a long time”…..how did she know that????  I was relaxing a bit more as she said that but didnt want to give anything away in my face.

I wont bore you with the whole reading but she picked up on everything that is happening at the minute, and I was absolutely astounded.  She picked up my children have special needs and said they were all autistic, how there all very different children and have “varying degrees of Autism“.  Which is soo true.  Each one of my children are all different characters..totally different.  She went on to talk about my upstairs toilet which is blocked…… it is.. its been blocked for around 4 weeks ( stuffed toys)  At that moment I felt sick.  How the bloody hell could this women know this.  My sister at the minute is baking cupcakes as she wants to do it as a job, she picked that up to saying it will be her professional carear doing mainly  birthday cakes.  The lady was touching and tapping parts of her body with her eyes closed.  Throughout the reading she was talking about my children and kept saying that even though the children have disabilities they are very very happy children.  Which I was really glad to hear.

She said to me “Your helping other mums arent you ”  Oh my god…exactly what Im doing with my blog ; emma4facs.wordpress.com, educating women about FACSSYNDROME.  I was totally totally perplexed.  She said its a personal mission and I will win, I will succeed. How I know all about the illness Im talking about. There is no way this lady could have known all this information.

The biggest reason I wanted a tarot reading was to try and get through to my mum or nana.  My eyes were a bit teary but never said anything.  There was a lady (apparently) stood near here she said it was my nana, who has been a mum to me.  It is the truth since my mum passed away 10 years ago my nana took the role on .  She said my nana is watching over me and my sister and she is guiding me.  I was made up to hear that.  The fact that Im still utterly devastated about my mum and nana passing away, but knowing shes watching me.  It sounds silly I know but it feels like theres a bit of closure, and if honest its what Ive needed for a long time. I wanted to feel a connection still there though. I got it.

She also touched on my depression.  She said how Ive spent an awful lot of time crying and lying in bed looking upto the stars asking “Why me…why me” She said I feel guilty.  She is soooooo right.  The guilt I have (and other mums) over taking the prescribed medicine Epilim and it now having an effect on the children will always be with me and stay with me forever.

On another note she said my partner was putting weight on hehehehehehehehhehehehe

I come out of the room totally taken aback.  I was just astonished on how she knew all that information about me.  My friend kept saying Id gone white as a ghost.  I felt it though . Amazed.

My partner doesnt believe in anything like this and there will be lots out there to.  There will be a lot of conmen/women doing this and ripping people off for money.  The one I had last night was genuine.  She told us how she’d done many celebrities, millionaires and also sick people, and also how mind numbing it is to do.  How mentally draining it is.

Anyone in the Manchester area, wanting her number do get in touch, she was fabulous and would highly recommend her to anyone.


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