Re-ordering Your Anti Convulsant Medication

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For whatever reason you are prescribed an anti-convulsant, whether it be Epilepsy, Bipolar, Migraine headaches or as a pain relief, it is always important that you receive the brand name and not the Generic.
With the majority of medications at the moment, there are numerous generic forms on the market coming from different pharmaceutical companies.

When the Government reformed the way in which medicines were prescribed they stated, as far as Epilepsy was concerned, the Pharmacist was to issue the Brand name drug instead of its cheaper option as fought by the likes of Epilepsy Action.
However, the goal posts have now been moved slightly and now the rules state that unless your doctor writes the brand name on your prescription the pharmacist is allowed to give you the cheaper option.
This makes it important that your GP is aware of the situation if the brand name drug works better for you and also the Brand name is added to any repeat prescription form you use.
Please see below the different between Brand and Generic:

Keppra Levetiracetam
Tegretol Carbamazepine
Epilim Sodium Valproate
Lamictal Lamotrigine
Epanutin Phenytoin
Zarontin Ethosuximide
Neurontin Gabapentin
Topamax Topiramate
Trileptal Oxcarbazepine
Lyrica Pregabalin
Zonegran Zonisamide

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