NNoooooo …..not the Vimto

Today has been lovely and sunny here in Manchester.  This morning I went for a good gossip with one of my bridesmaids and enjoyed a lovely coffee talking about my forthcoming wedding in 10 weeks…eeeekkkkkk.

When I got home the kids were playing in the garden quite calmly, so brought it upon myself to tackle my huge pile of washing (and I mean huge) to fold it all and put it away.

me and Kian

Meet my youngest baby Kian.  From the minute his eyes open in the morning he does not stop babbling all day.  He will be 3 in September and due to the FACS he has very delayed speech.  He babbles all day long which is good and in his baby language we can understand what hes saying.  Hes also very hyperactive and is constantly on the go.  I love his cheeky smile and it is such a different house when he isnt around.

There I was away in washing land and I did think he was very quite, hadnt heard his babbles so went down only to see the bottle of undiluted Vimto (full) splattered all on the carpet and him walking it threw (laughing) . It takes a lot for me to be left speechless however at this point no words would come out.

This is the 1st weekend of the 6 weeks holidays,,,,,,,,can you imagine the rest

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