Neuralgia and FACS Syndrome


One of the many conditions Sodium Valproate is used for is Neuralgia:  This basically means nerve pain which can occur through injury, compression and inflammation and in some cases Arthiritus.

For a few months now my sister has been quite poorly presenting with symptoms of very very severe headaches, muscle pain to the extent where she cant mover her neck, bend down, basicaqlly limiting and restricting her movement.  She has now been seen by her GP and it seems the cause of this is Neuralgia.  She now has to undergo a brain scan to rule other things out.

Why is this relevant to FACS Syndrome??

Basically the pain relief treatment for Neuralgia is Sodium Valproate (Epilim).  She is still very young and does want to try for another baby.  Therefore posing the risk of when she eventually gets pregnant and being prescribed pain relief the percentage of her child having FACS is relatively high.  My sister is at an advantage as she knows the effects of FACS Syndrome as it has effected her 5 nieces and nephews.  So when it comes to being prescribed the medication she can talk this through with her Dr and try an alternative.

However this isn’t the case for thousands of women out there.  They like myself will believe what there GP is prescribing them is good and effective.  It may be good to treat the condition but on the other hand if the lady is planning a family, this could have devastating effects on the baby and could result in the baby being born with FACS.

If you know anyone with Neuralgia, and are of childbearing age do make them aware of this and to speak to their medical team .

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