Mrs Thatchers Funeral…….But What About Us???

Keep spreading the Word

Keep spreading the Word

As announced today each MP will be getting approx £3750 expenses paid for the funeral of Mrs Margaret Thatcher, as they have all been recalled to Parliament. As the Government/MRHA have covered up/ ignored the issue of Epilim and FACS Syndrome for 40 years and has an estimated 20,000 affected peoples (on 1 Anti-convulsant medication alone), each MP will have more than 3 families in their area affected by FACS Syndrome.

So MPS if you have any spare change a little donation would be appreciated to help FACS Syndrome National Campaign in which you will be helping your constituents get help and support.

Below is the link to our Paypal Account, any Donation will help our National Campaign


Facebook : Emma4facs (Twitter Campaign Page)
The FACS Syndrome Association



FACS Syndrome National Campaign: Featured on BBC Inside Out, Daily Mail Newspaper

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One of our Team Catherine and her story:

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IN-FACTS Early Day Motion :

All ladies currently on Epilim, for conditions such as Epilepsy, Depression, Bipolar, Migraine who are preganat or thinking of becoming pregnant,Do Not stop taking your medication, do get in touch with us. Contact details available – 01253 799161


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