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With my 5 children being aged between 3-9 you could say that we sometimes have to use sticker/ star charts for behaviour, encouragement etc. Sometimes as they are used frquently it gets to the point that the children become less bothered by them. Ive bought charts, made them at home myself, however on Twitter a couple of months back I came across Helen at Kiddy Charts.  Her new approach to personalized charts is a simple but fantastic idea.  Helen had asked whether mums had needed to use charts and I thought at the time that was needed as a new approach with the kiddies.  So with that I did make a chart for myself.  My chart was focused around me getting up in the morning (I really struggle at this) turning the lights off as my house is like a lighthouse as I always leave the lights on, and getting to sleep better at night.

The thought of mum on a chart was great to the kids.  It was a case of na na na na na.  They were glad with the fact that I was sticking to a chart and it wasnt “just for kids”. It was all that was brought up for the whole week. If I walked out of a room and left the light on ……. I was reminded of that.  If I was minute past 7:00 in the morning they would be telling me off (Who is the parent??)

The fab thing about Helens charts is that they are completely personalised to how you want them to be and for whatever your working on.  There is such a huge list of things to cover, you can submit your own picture of yourself so it is completely personalised to how you want it. It also shows a picture of the topic your focusing on (see picture)  example on my chart it shows a picture of a star with a light switch.

These charts are a must buy, it will give you and your child time to talk together, to personalise it and to set goals/aims between parent and child.


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