Jeremy Hunt, Maternal Promises and the 40 Year Cover Up

Baby scan

Baby scan

I’ve just seen a tweet from our Health Minister Jeremy Hunt and to say I’m annoyed is an understatement. The hyprocrite has publicly pledged to :


“Support plans for mental health support for women during and after pregnancy”.


I think it is fabulous that support is being pledged into midwifery services as lets be truthful it is needed. Midwives do such a wonderful job, I think one of the most self satisfying and emotional jobs there are. However the promise that mums to be will receive pre and post natal support with regards to depression etc is in my opinion just another fake promise to the public. Here at IN-FACT due to our Government Campaign, we are representing approximately 20,000 babies some now adults. These figures have also been approved by MHRA (Medicines Health Regulatory Agency) a Government agency set up to make sure medicines in Britain are safe to be taken. The mums of these babies/adults we were all prescribed the medication Epilim to control Epilepsy, Depression, Migraine, Bipolar Disorder etc and with that we were all promised as NICE Guidelines state “Preconception counselling for women of child bearing age taking anti-convulsants”. This Guideline was published in the public domain back in 2004 yet through our survey with a team of medical doctors and having my 5 children no preconception advice is offered.
94% of ladies NEVER received pre conceptive councilling.

So, Mr Hunt how hypocritical of you today to even suggest this when at this present moment you and your team are FULLY aware of this problem, and not doing anything about it For us mums on Epilim etc for depression/bipolar, Epilepsy & migraine what support are you offering us and our disabled families???? How are you going to support the thousands of other ladies on prescription medicines for the debilitating illnesses such as depression????

We KNOW that Mr Hunt is aware of the fact that approximately 20,000 babies some now adults, have been disabled by Epilim. We have requested meetings with Mr Hunt to address what is being classed as “The New Thalidomide” to see what way forward Government are going to support all the affected. Up to now MR HUNT HAS CATEGORICALLY REFUSED TO CONFRONT THIS HUGE PROBLEM yet he is willing to allow 500 babies every year to be harmed by Epilim and over 2000 babies by 9 other anti-epilespy meds.
This information has been hidden for too long, its been 40 years this year since Epilim was lisenced in the UK and women are still not being told of its devasting effects.
Its time to come clean and stand up to the system failures which have been made by our Government and give us the Public Inquiry our children deserve.

For more information on The Effects of Epilim please click the link


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