Isolation – A poem by Cameron

Cameron is  12 years old and is diagnosed with FACS Syndrome.  His symptoms being  of FACS being

More of his symptoms of FACS include low self esteem, hyper-sensitive, behavioural problems, social communication, and has trouble with his speech and language.  Cameron struggles to express himself and will often refuse to talk.  Below is a very touching poem that he has written  about how he was feeling one day this week.  His mum has stated that his poems and the way he writes are a real breakthrough as they can understand how he is feeling.


Im alone, always alone in the corner

Voices surround me in the corner

Cornered by voices!

What do I do? The noise, It is everywhere

Whispers keep me back like a brick wall

My heart stops in fear

Where do I go? What do I do?

I run but it follows me

Where is safety?

I try to run but I cant

The fear surges through my body

As I wait!

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