#frombloggingtojogging – Week 5


I’ve had a cough since the week before christmas, so on Saturday I spent the day in A and E and after a good few hours and been seen by the Dr….I’ve got Pneumonia.  I’ve been feeling literally crap since Christmas, even though I’ve been trying to motivate myself, it just isn’t happening.trailer movie Fist Fight 2017

Last week I was disappointed as I went to Slimming World to be weighed and I had put a pound on.  It seems everyone is losing apart from me.  So this week I’ve also signed up to the Thinking Slimmer 12 week plan along with following Slimming World too. thinking Slimmer is a slimpod in which you listen to.  Its not on very long but it does help me when I do listen to it.  It keeps me focused and I dont tend to pick as much.

My gym membership has just been paid today ::(( so I’m hoping to get back to spinning when I feel a bit more stronger.  Spinning is just the best excercise ever, I do love it when I’m in the zone of going, it just makes it harder when you miss a few sessions.

I’m keeping it short and sweet this post as their isnt many positives only the fact that I’m still on course, eating more fruit and drinking lots of water to keep hydrated.

Hope all you lovely ladies are having a better week……heres to seeing a lot less of us next week.  Dont forget to link up with Hannah on her linky page and I will be posting Instagram motivation pictures as the week goes on.



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