Do You Argue With Your Children?

Are you like me…….. find yourself arguing with your child over little silly things?? Its something I’m always doing, I know I shouldn’t argue with the kids (9,8,7,5 and 4) but I typically do it on a day to day basis.  My husband is always saying “Emma, why do you argue with them, there kids” but if like me you always do, there manipulation skills just draw you in. Here  is a fab blog from Sue Atkins – a Parenting Advisor whose career has been centred around helping families with their children.


I am currently writing my new book for Random House Publishers as you know and today I am on Chapter 9 all about  kids who argue back so he’s a little taster …..

One simple technique I teach is to change your language when kids challenge you with a … heavy sigh, eyebrows raised, pouting, moaning, groaning, hair tossing or “It’s not fair…” “They’re (sister/brother) not doing it, why are you picking on me…?” type response.

It will take quite a bit of practice but try saying..

“Maybe … and”

Instead of  “Maybe …. but”

This is a powerful strategy as it defuses the conflict by agreeing with your child, “and” is a less confrontational word so it minimises you getting into more arguments.

It also allows you to acknowledge what your child has said but not be influenced by it so you can  all to move on.

If you use a matter of fact voice and remember what follows the “and” is what you want them to do….  for example: 

Maybe Sophie wasn’t listening and I still need you to tidy your toys, do your homework, lay the table …..”

Maybe you were….. and I still  need you to find your school shoes, get your lunch bag, or brush your hair……”

Maybe they do and in our house we have these rules so time for bed, I want you home at this time, it’s time for you to end your computer game”

 This is an amazingly simple but brilliant technique so give it a go and see enjoy  happens….

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