Christmas Giveaway at Winnaturally

Christmas Giveaway


As Christmas is upon us, our supporters Winnaturally are giving away a Sports Christmas Hamper.  To have a chance of winning this fab prize all you have to do is log on to their Facebook page, simply Like and then share with as many people as you can.

The winner will be announced Monday 3rd December……Good Luck x x x


Recently I was invited to a Winnaturally Party.  This was a chance to sample more of their fab products, and what a really good range it is.  There is everything from Vitamins, Herbal Drinks, Sports Drinks, Sweets for the kids, Chocolate, Crisp, Popcorn to Candles, lots of products for the ladies selling Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath Scrubs, etc even simple house products……everything for the whole family.

  Some of the Products available


One of the products I ordered and use on my son is Magnesium Oil.  Magnesium in the body is essential to good health, keeps bones strong, helps maintain normal muscles and also nerve functions.  Luke has been very deficient with this, and as most children don’t like taking medicine, this is a spray where you just spray on to the skin.  It absorbs very quickly.  Luke felt a tingly sensation straight away which is an indication his magnesium levels were low. Luke and his sister Lauren both have Cerebral Palsy and have very poor muscle tone so to help strengthen them I use this on a regular basis.

Being on medication for my Epilepsy I tend to drink a lot of fluids-water/ juice/coffee.  When I’m really tired I do go for energy drinks (which isn’t good while im trying to lose weight). One of the energy drinks I was using always leaves a horrible taste in my mouth but the drink Ive discovered at Winnaturally is definitely a winner hands down.  Its called Little Bigshot Energy and is gorgeous.  The good thing about this is that with most energy drinks it is packed with sugars and caffeine, where as this has no caffeine at all. It is also Taurine free.  Taurine is utilized by the body when a person excercises or is stressed.  However Scientists have found that the stimulating effect it has is very “Unnatural” so much so its banned in Switzerland.  Little Bigshot Energy also have 100% real fruit goodness….. onto a winner with your 5 a day!!!


Little Bigshot Energy Drink



2 ranges that are good for families with children are Biona & Yummy Earth

Biona sell natural sweets that we all love such as Gummi Bears and Cola Bottles.  They also do Chocolate Covered Raisins – a good disguise if your little one wont eat raisins.  Prices range between £1.89 – £2-29 for different products

Yummy Earth are also a sweet range – ginger drops, peppermint drops, fruit lollipops, fruit drops and my favourite pomegranate drops.  All these are priced at £2.49 per bag.

My children have tasted these and love them


All these products are available at – when purchasing please enter the code FACS10 for a 10% donation to be made to The FACS SYNDROME CAMPAIGN

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