£5million on Parenting Lessons???? Such a waste of money

So the latest plan from the Government is to spend £5 million on Parenting lessons.  Absolutely pathetic and such a waste of money.  Without question being a parent is one of the toughest and hardest jobs to do both mentally and physically, but to spend that amount of money is so unrealistic.  What is this supposed to achieve???Sending parents on a 2 hour course a week, in which they are to absorb this information and try the techniques taught at home with their children.  Parents are too worried about the safety of their homes and jobs to be carrying out lessons taught.  All this advice was readily available in the Sure Start Centres that were provided around the country.  They were staffed appropriately, provided with new up to date toys and had activities/advice sessions that appeal for that community. After a decision made by a bunch of brainless MPs obviously without children it was decided all that money should be wasted and to close most of the centres across Britain…..Fabulous.

Advice with regards to parenting is readily available on the internet/books, but personally parenting is a natural thing.  It is all about decisions and judgements. Children need and like to feel they are in a routine, to feel secure.  As a mum of 5 children all under the age of 8 all with disabilities, a good structured routine is needed, not just with children with special needs but with every familiy. It helps both the parents and the child. So what advice is going to be in these lessons…….Give your children breakfast, how to change a nappy, what food to eat. A lot of parenting is down to common sense and parents not being lazy and spending time with their children.

Not using 5 million pounds of money which isnt really available in which this money would be used better in hospitals and education and maybe providing jobs for the unemployed.

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