Wobble Wednesday

Wobbles Wednesday

Another week gone by, 21 days till my holiday.

I’m back at the gym and spinning and trying to go as and when I can. It’s hard fitting it in with the kids, family and more often than not I’m too tired to go in the evening, I just want to watch the soaps :) I’ve been having a lot of seizures lately, which Im not enjoying as they leave me exhausted. The thought of the gym with my body sore and aching from the seizures its so off putting, but I know realistically excercise is the only way to lose weight.

I’ve totally cut out bread, pasta etc as I was finding when I eat them I would get horrendous tummy ache and my stomach would swell up (as if it isn’t big enough) and just cutting them out alone, feels great. I’m conscious of what I eat all the time but I think it can get too much. So I’ve resigned to myself to the fact that after 5 kiddies my body is really not the same. I’m always going to have my muffin top, it’s part of me. I know I have lost inches as my clothes and coat are that little bit looser.
So onwards and upwards it’s about making the right food choices, and if I can fit in 3 sessions of exercise a week, I’m more than happy.

I found a great picture this week and it basically sums everything up for people on that dieting road. Have a great week everyone :)