Cheaper but Effective Teachers Gifts

End of the school year is finally (gulp) here and now is the time to be buying Teachers presents.  When you have 1 or 2 children it isn’t so bad price wise, but if like me you have 5 children and TA’s too, it can work out pricey.  The usual teachers presents are cups, chocolates etc but I’ve found a cheaper  way for a sentimental gift.  The teachers will love it and the kids will enjoy it too.


All you need is access to a printer 20140715-141736-51456389.jpg


Best Teacher Certificate and Special Teacher letter – your child can colour them in and all you have to do is insert the teachers name.  With the Special Teacher letter your child can write down why the teacher is special to them……Minimal cost, sentimental value  and no calories too.

Ive done these with my children and have laminated them so they dont rip or tear and give that glossy look.  To make it look more appealing you could buy a frame for it and wrap it up.

To print these out you can find them at Activity Village