Part of my blog for The Justice Gap

Above is a link that explains how all the children affected by FACS SYNDROME (at the time 6 years ago) tried to take the drug company who make Epilim to court.  This case would have been very successful.  The amount of evidence our solicitors had was overwhelming.  When you read more of the blog, you will realise why I am not only adament with raising awareness of FACS, but also the injustice that all the children affected by the medication have been put through.  Two weeks before trial at the High Courts in London and the case was plugged after such an amount of money wasted.  At the moment with todays economic crisis and Britain being in a recession, why are we in such a mess??? The Government wasting that amount of money is part of the reason, and this is just with one case.  How much more of peoples and taxpayers money are they wasting???? I could give a huge list, but will keep shut……for now.