Sky News Valproate Cover Up

After 2 years of pitching to Journalists, Newspapers, Documentary Makers about the 43 year cover up of Valproate and the birth defect risk, last week our breakthrough came, and you couldn’t get much bigger than Sky News. This was in preparation to the Valproate Public Hearing at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in London, in which we were chosen as 1st speakers.

There were many speakers giving evidence at the EMA, and generally you had to go off 3 questions.  We did take this into consideration however it has been a 4 year struggle trying to get the truth into the public domain so what better way to uncover our Government Evidence than when it is being live streamed.

We met Skys Senior Political Correspondent Jason Farrell on the Monday evening in a packed pub opposite Downing Street,  to pitch to him the history of Valproate and also show him the Government Documents we had.  Needless to say after viewing the documents and explaining everything to him he was very eager to cover this story himself.  Jason has covered many health scandals in the past such as our friends at the Primidos Campaign. We were feeling pretty honoured at this point as he had his suitcase ready to go the Labour Conference


We thought it would be just 1 segment of news in the morning.  Janet appeared live on Sky News, in the morning before the EMA hearing, then off it was being filmed all day, speaking to journalists, parents etc.


The film that Jason did was absolutely fabulous and was the leading story all day.  It really did expose our Campaign and our  findings and we will be forever grateful for his professionalism and his passion with Campaigns like ours.  Since his programme has aired we have been absolutely inundated from parents across the UK who have never heard of the affects of Valproate when taken during pregnancy.  Some of the emails have been heartbreaking and one particular story that will stay with me always, reading his account, I cried and cried all day.

To watch Sky News Report : Simply click on the link


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