Laurens Operation : Update

Sunday 12th January

Its now 6 weeks since Lauren had her operation, she makes me so proud every day.

The 1st few days after her op were just torture for her. She was in so much pain and basically had to get the right balance with regards to her medicine. 20140112-223828.jpg
She was medicated with Morphine, Paracetomol and Ibuprofen and even though it did do the trick and relieve the pain, we had to start to wean her off the Morphine as there is risk of addicition (Yes even in a small child)
Having such a big operation on her legs, you would think she would have been resting…….but no. She had a programme from the Physio team and she had to walk everyday as much as she could. It was awful watching her as she was in pain but she had to keep mobile or else there would have been no point in her having the operation. She had to keep mobile so her joints wouldnt seize up.
She has amazed me with her courage and strength. Her legs were cast upto her knees so it was very heavy on her little body She never moaned about doing her Physio, she happily got on with it and tried to walk as much as she could. By the end of the 2nd week she was trying to get up the stairs, there was just no stopping her. She loved all the visitors that came to see her and all the extra treats she received.
Last week she went back to the clinic. We were under the impression that she was having the casts removed, so were very disappointed when they told us she needed to keep them on. She got cast with new and lighter casts. Walking the way you and I would walk is not a natural position for people with Cerebral Palsy, and you can tell even though shes trying and keeps going… she is struggling.
We always questioned were we doing the right thing going ahead with this operation. Before the operation, Laurens legs were virtually twisted in and as she walked she would be tripping over. Watching that happen 4,5,6,7 times a day is just awful. You can tell by her face she just wants to be like her big sister , be able to run, dance, skip and hop the way she does.. It’s for that reason why we went ahead. So that when Lauren is in her teenage years going into adult hood she is as mobile as she can be. Operations like the one she are more successful the younger the person is. Her surgeon has told us that once a child with Cerebral Palsy starts the route of operations it is usually a constant continuation implying that more surgery will be needed. Lauren was born 3lb when she was a baby, I know if she can survive the life threatening months says had when she was born……. She will get through this.

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