25th March – Cerebral Palsy Awareness


My 2 children Lauren and Luke are both diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Before they had their diagnosis I was very ignorant to this condition, basically because it didn’t affect me. It is a life changing condition for the whole family. There are endless appointments for the hospital, castings for splints, fittings at Orthotics./There are days when it does take its toll, the pain they have in their legs, the tears and occasionally the “Why me?” Question, but on the other hand my children are very very lucky as they are considered to have it mild. I am so proud of them both. They carry on with life smiling and just get on with it. No one can imagine what living with Cerebral Palsy is like until they are in that situation. Each person with this condition is unique. It is down to that persons courage, strength and determination that makes them unique.





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