Start the New Year with Bootea


It’s the start of the new year soon and everyone (me too ) will be starting their new health kick. Being body conscious myself and always trying the latest new craze that enters the dieting world, one thing I do swear by is Bootea.

Bootea is a 14 daytime / 7 nightime cleansing detox for your body in the style of teabags. It’s aim is to get rid of any unwanted toxins, reduce bloated ness , increase energy levels and help with weightloss. You have one daytime teabag in the morning and every 2nd day take one nighttime teabag in the evening. I tried and tested these and noticed results straight away. I do drink Green Tea in the daytime everyday normally but Bootea is definately a lot stronger and does cleanse your body. Like all herbal teas they are a required taste so I tend to add a little bit of cordial to the drinks.

After all the food, chocolate, puddings and occasional alcohol I’ve had over Christmas, I’m at the point where I’m craving Bootea and cant wait to start it. I know it will take away the bloating and stodgy feeling I have at the minute .

So if there’s one new year product you want to buy to help kick start the new year do try Bootea. It’s been one of Winnaturallys best sellers of 2013 with customers ordering more once they have tried it.

Available at any Winnaturally Store or alternatively you can order online


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