Hypertonia – Hypermobility

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A high percentage of children with FACS suffer from Hypertonia (Poor muscle tone).
Hypertonia means you can move some or all of your joints which most people cant. A known phrase is double jointed. This can be very painful for children and is more than just “growing pains”. It is an Arthritic pain in the joints and bones of the body.

Joint instability (Children with FACS tend to have a lot of breaks or dislocations, more than a child without FACS does. This is due to the poor muscle tone in the child’s body).
Joint pain
Joints that make clicking noises
Poor response to anaesthetics or pain relief
Frequent high temperature

Treatments for Hypertonia:
Exercise and physiotherapy
Pain relief medicines, (Paracetamol, Codeine)
Anti inflammatory medicines (Ibuprofen)
Non steroid anti inflammatory medicines sprays or creams

Below is a picture on the left of an image of a person with hypertonia. On the right is a picture of my son Luke and his hypertonia. I have tried doing this and cannot do this…..its so hard and its not through trying .





Can your children do this?? Would love to see your pictures.

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