Cassie’s Open Day –

Have you ever dreamed/aspired to be a make up artist or to work within the make up industry?? If you have now is the chance to see what it’s all about.
The lovely Cassie Lomas – Co-founder of Cassie Lomas Make Up Academy situated in Manchester, is having an open day , so budding make up wannabes can have a taster for the day. Speak to tutors, ex students and find out what courses are to be offered at her fabulous academy.
Go and reach for your dreams….. If you believe it WILL happen


Groovy Mums : Week 2


This is the 2nd week of Groovy Mums. Kate has asked us a series of questions about getting our groove on, so here goes……
1) How have I lost sight of myself??
This is a really hard question to answer but Im being really honest with myself to go forward. My mum died 10 years ago of Breast Cancer when she was 40. It is this I have got lost in myself, I have not allowed myself to be happy. I have spent the last 10 years still being devastated over her death. I always will be but in periods of the last 10 years I have let it take over. Instead of enjoying the here and now and the great positive things I have in my life, it has dominated me. My mum will never come back, I have to accept that but by accepting that doesn’t mean I have to forget her……just cherish the fabulous memories I have with her

2) What do I want to get out of 2014??
This is my 2nd year running our National Campaign, so for me 2014 is about keeping the awareness going, so that it is bigger and better and more ladies are understanding the message I am trying to get across about taking medicines during pregnancy.

3) What are the barriers getting the way??
2 words answer this question….Government and Sanofi (drug company) Both parties although they have acknowledged this is a huge problem are putting barriers up in our way to block our campaign. Do they not know Im now a groovy mum??? It will not get in my way. There are ways around everything.
4) What baby steps are you going to take this week??
This week I am keeping up my fitness routine ie 3 x at Curves and 2 spinning sessions at home. This is THE year I am losing my “mummy tummy” . Every year I say this. I am that busy running around after the kids, busy with the campaign, being a housewife I sometimes go hours without eating then come night time will eat like a horse. I’m now sticking to 3 meals and 2 small snacks each day and my Thinking Slimmer Slimpod….. Just amazing


Day 15 – Wobble Wednesday

This week I have had a fairly good week.

7:30 is Breakfast time at the table for the kiddies. I normally don’t have but I’ve been making a conscious effort to have cereal the same time the kids do. I was speaking to my personal trainer at Curves about diet, excercise etc and she advised to basically eat 5 times a day, 3 meals and 2 small snacks. So with that I’ve been having a big bowl of cereal, Yoghurt around 11:00, then around 2:00 I’ve been making a smoothie ( made with 250g milk, 1tbsp of Natural Greek Yoghurt, ice and frozen fruit and banana ) Teatime is around 5:00 – I’ve been having no carbohydrates at all, totally cut them out, so for tea it’s usually a good portion of Chicken with Veg.

I read an article in Daily Mail this week about how little bursts of excercise HIT (example 2 minutes hardcore on an excercise bike, a few times a day ) is more beneficial to the body compared to a workout in the gym. Great for us ladies who don’t like the gym!!!! I’ve been trying to plank everyday at least 2 times, I’ve been planking whilst walking around or sat down. Basically holding my stomach right in for 30 seconds. Whether this helps I don’t no, but I’m sure every little helps.

The one thing that has made a huge difference in my attitude is the Thinking Slimmer Slimpod I bought. It really is great. I listen to it every night in bed . I feel a lot lot more relaxed about “dieting” and basically sticking to all the above. I’ve had a few weak moments , mostly for chocolate and rather than go for a twix/galaxy it’s been a Blue Ribband.

No ones perfect and each day is so different , but we have to make small changes to help ourselves.

Hope all #wobblewednesday mums
are doing ok



Need An Eye Test ? Take This Test

Take a look at the picture below:

If you have normal vision you will see the picture of Einstein

If you have shortsighted vision you will see the picture of Marilyn Monroe

If you have been having a lot of headaches, this is also a symptom of blurred/strained vision (long/short sightedness)

Take the test…… Which one are you


Groovy Mums – Im Getting My Groove On

Groovy Mums
Are you a mum who wants to make changes in your life?
You might know exactly what you want to do. You might have a few ideas that you would like to investigate further. You may be feeling a bit down and just sense that there must be more to life that what you have currently.
Groovy Mums can help! Groovy Mums is hosted by the lovely Kate (Twitter : @kateonthinice )

groovinggrabbadge.jpg Groovy Mums

So here I am, I’m joining Groovy Mums . The only person in this world realisticly who will help ourselves is us……me and you. No one else is going to take charge so with it being a new year…..lets go.

I have always been self conscious, going back to when I was a teenager. Ive tried every diet going, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Slimming World the lot, you name it Ive tried it. All these diets are successful for other people….but never me. I say it it every year “Im losing weight this year” but it never happens. However Im at the point now with a pending holiday to Portugal in a few months…… what more motivation do I need

Ive joined our local Curves and I must say out of all the gyms Ive been too, this is a workout that does work every part of your body. Its a circuit of different machines and you go around each station 3 times…… but the best bit is, it takes 30 minutes. You may be reading this thinking “shes not doing it right, 30 minutes is not a lot to excercise” but when I come out of their I am knackered…..but feel great having been. On days I dont manage to go Ive created a “spinning list” of all the best songs I love and Im going to spin for 47 minutes. I normally beat myself up and become obsessed with the latest diet craze, but Im not letting it control me this year…..Im going to be in control. If I have a day I dont feel like excercising Im not going to do it.. Since I turned 30 (3 years ago) even though I already knew it, its clicked and registered that the only way of losing weight is to excercise and eat the correct food……Not starving myself and having a good portion of cheesecake in the evening ::))

Excercise is also the best way to lift mood. Being diagnosed with depression this is mainly why I want to spend time on excercise. Learning what I have learned about medicines through my campaign, Medicines is not the answer…..its excercise.

I do have other ways I want to get my groove on…. but for the moment am concentrating on this one. I will keep blogging about this and look forward to hearing from everyone else……………………We can do it ::))


A New Year – Wobble Wednesday

So its a new year……2014
What always starts in the new year???? The dreaded “new start, new me, new diet” I have tried every diet under the sun, Weight Watchers,Slimming World, Lipotrim, Milkshakes, Atkins you name it….I’ve done it . In what I’ve spent on joining fees and all the add ons I could have paid for a tummy tuck and be nice and slim now. When I turned 30 (3 years ago) even though I knew it already and its natural, but it clicked with me that the only way to lose weight, tone up and maintain a good weight is too excercise and eat sensibly ( Not starving myself all day to then eat a good portion of cheesecake at night!!!!!!)

So with that I started Spinnng (excercise on a bike to music) I attended the classes 2 x a week with my friend and really got the bug for it. It became not an addiction but I felt bad whenever I missed a class and couldnt wait to get to the next session. I did drop from a very tight 18 to a size 16 in jeans which I was over the moon about. I bought a spinning bike for at home, thinking I will go on it all the time and do great like I did in class……..which was the biggest mistake ever, as I didnt put as much dedication in to it as when I was in class with our Fairy Spinmother.
So here we are ….. 2014 – feeling all bloated and bleurrrgggghhhh so what better way to start the year afresh . Ive joined my local Curves group, so am planning to go straight from school and to do this ¾ times a week. What bigger incentive to lose 1 and a half stone than the fabulous sights of Portugal…..20 weeks away (140 something days) but I know it will fly by. Im not promising I will achieve this but I really need to give it a good go to look half normal on that golden yellow beach.

I am taking part with AutismMummas (@AutismMumma on Twitter) #wobblewednesday to keep encouraged and hear other stories from other mummies too

Wish me luck :)