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Groovy Mums
Are you a mum who wants to make changes in your life?
You might know exactly what you want to do. You might have a few ideas that you would like to investigate further. You may be feeling a bit down and just sense that there must be more to life that what you have currently.
Groovy Mums can help! Groovy Mums is hosted by the lovely Kate (Twitter : @kateonthinice )

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So here I am, I’m joining Groovy Mums . The only person in this world realisticly who will help ourselves is us……me and you. No one else is going to take charge so with it being a new year…..lets go.

I have always been self conscious, going back to when I was a teenager. Ive tried every diet going, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Slimming World the lot, you name it Ive tried it. All these diets are successful for other people….but never me. I say it it every year “Im losing weight this year” but it never happens. However Im at the point now with a pending holiday to Portugal in a few months…… what more motivation do I need

Ive joined our local Curves and I must say out of all the gyms Ive been too, this is a workout that does work every part of your body. Its a circuit of different machines and you go around each station 3 times…… but the best bit is, it takes 30 minutes. You may be reading this thinking “shes not doing it right, 30 minutes is not a lot to excercise” but when I come out of their I am knackered…..but feel great having been. On days I dont manage to go Ive created a “spinning list” of all the best songs I love and Im going to spin for 47 minutes. I normally beat myself up and become obsessed with the latest diet craze, but Im not letting it control me this year…..Im going to be in control. If I have a day I dont feel like excercising Im not going to do it.. Since I turned 30 (3 years ago) even though I already knew it, its clicked and registered that the only way of losing weight is to excercise and eat the correct food……Not starving myself and having a good portion of cheesecake in the evening ::))

Excercise is also the best way to lift mood. Being diagnosed with depression this is mainly why I want to spend time on excercise. Learning what I have learned about medicines through my campaign, Medicines is not the answer…..its excercise.

I do have other ways I want to get my groove on…. but for the moment am concentrating on this one. I will keep blogging about this and look forward to hearing from everyone else……………………We can do it ::))