The True Impact of Sodium Valproate

Ahead of the Back Bench Business Debate at Parliament on 19th October, we have been asked to collate parents stories of how taking Sodium Valproate in Pregnancy has impacted their children’s and their lives. Here is Caroline’s story : I … Continue reading 

Mental Health Awareness Week


When you are anxious you feel fearful and tense. In addition you may also have one or more unpleasant physical symptoms. For example, you might have a fast heart rate, a thumping heart (palpitations), feeling sick, shaking (tremor), sweating, dry mouth, chest pain, headaches, fast breathing.

The physical symptoms are partly caused by the brain which sends lots of messages down nerves to various parts of the body when you are anxious. The nerve messages tend to make the heart, lungs, and other parts of the body work faster. In addition, you release stress hormones (such as adrenaline) into the bloodstream when you are anxious. These can also act on the heart, muscles and other parts of the body to cause symptoms.
Anxiety is normal in stressful situations, and can even be helpful. For example, most people will be anxious when threatened by an aggressive person, or before an important race. The burst of adrenaline and nerve impulses which we have in response to stressful situations can encourage a ‘fight or flight’ response.

Anxiety is abnormal if it:

Is out of proportion to the stressful situation; or
Persists when a stressful situation has gone, or the stress is minor; or
Appears for no apparent reason when there is no stressful situation.

If you feel you are having signs of anxiety, visit your Gp or for more information

Achievements of FACS Children

This post is dedicated to achievements children with FACS . We want to hear from parents whose children have FACS, and what they have achieved, it can be from the smallest achievement to the biggest or just showing how proud you are of your child. You can send the info to or send via inbox on our FACSA Facebook page. They will be put on this page with pictures and you can nominate them at any time for anything …..even little things are achievemnets….. Lets see our FACS children

Monday 28th April



Here we have a picture of Joshua last year at his foundation stage Graduation. On his Certificate of Achievement he has been awarded for always trying hard in his subjects, making improvements in literacy and for being a confident little boy.
All fabulous traits to have :)

Sunday 27th April

Congratulations to Ashley who has just signed a contract at Quirky Kids Agency for the Pauline Quirk Academy of Performing Arts.
This is Ashley pictured with his mum Christine 1149291_10201981239751828_41704661_o

Warrior Mums by Michelle Daly

When a parent enters into the world of parenthood it is automatically presumed that it will be a fabulous journey, will all go to plan as viewed when pregnant. In many cases and for the lucky ones this does happen, however when your child is ill or medical conditions, unforeseen circumstances happen that illusion is a million miles apart.

For me being a parent with children with SEN (special education needs) and disabilities it (and SEN parents will agree) can be a very lonely, frustrating and fearsome journey. Family and friends are there for us in our everyday lives to support us, unfortunately they are not in the position so don’t really have an understanding of the circumstances we are in.

I have just read the book “Warrior Mums” by Author Michelle Daly. Every Sunday on Twitter Michelle runs a series called Warrior Mums and this features ladies who have gone through for some life changing experiences, highs and lows of becoming parents, challenges that they have overcome in life. Her book features 11 very brave and honest ladies who have spoken about their reason for being a “Warrior Mum”

Times can be very hard, stressful and a lot of people when going through trying times will question “why me” “life isn’t fair” .This book is a fabulous read as it proves by all the stories featured that yes, we are often thrown difficulties to face, but these difficulties can be overcome and no matter how bad a situation is, there can come some good and ultimately “Things happen for a reason” It also leaves you with the feeling that we are not alone. There are people out there that care, who will help and support you in times of need, for many people it is about reaching out for help and accepting it. Accepting circumstances/situations is often the 1st big boundary to overcome.

Well done Michelle for writing such an inspirational book about other peoples journeys and all you lovely ladies featured ….. a compelling read for each and every one of you, you are all definitely Warrior Mums :)

Warrior Mums is available to buy at Amazon

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I want a public inquiry into epilepsy drug that harmed my babies

27 Feb 2013 15:51

Whitefield mum says she wasn’t warned of side-effects and manufacturer claims medics should flag up risks

Anthony Pooler
Emma Murphy with, from left, children Lauren, Kian, Chloe, Erin and Luke

A mum is calling for a public inquiry into an epilepsy drug she took while pregnant which she claims has led to her five children suffering physical and development problems.

Emma Murphy, from Whitefield, is spearheading a drive to raise awareness  of the dangers of taking Epilim for women and girls of child-bearing age.

Epilim is one of the registered trade names for sodium valporate, an anti-epilepsy drug also prescribed to people suffering from bipolar disorders and depression – but there is a risk of birth defects if taken by pregnant women.

Emma, 32, who was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 12, has five children aged three to nine with 40-year-old husband Joseph.

Their children – Chloe, nine, Lauren, eight, Luke, seven, Erin, five and Kian, three – all have physical and development problems including autism, deafness, cerebral palsy and incontinence.

Emma, of Richmond Close, said: “It is incredibly difficult as my children each have individual needs and dealing with children on the autistic spectrum is particularly challenging. My husband and I have a good routine and we’re managing but it has put a lot of pressure on us as a couple. Thankfully, it has made us stronger. We believe this is a real scandal because Epilim was introduced in 1973 yet GPs are still not alerting women to the dangers of taking it if they’re of child-bearing age.

“It’s one of the best drugs to control seizures but we believe thousands of children have been born with birth defects and go on to have development disorders as a result of their mothers taking it while pregnant.

“The big problem is that women still aren’t getting the advice before or during pregnancy even though this drug has been around for 40 years. I want to know why I was never told of the risks when I was pregnant.”

Researchers at Liverpool University published a ground-breaking report this month which found that children exposed to Epilim in the womb were more likely to develop neurodevelopmental disorders.

A spokeswoman for Sanofi, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Epilim, said: “For some women of child-bearing potential, valporate may be the only effective seizure-control medication. However, a decision to use valporate in such women should only be taken after a very careful evaluation between the patient and her treating physician if the benefits of its use outweigh the risks to the unborn child.

“Because of the well-known risk of birth defects, valporate has not been recommended as a first-choice agent for women with epilepsy who are of child-bearing potential. As recommended by the manufacturer, women of child-bearing potential should be informed of the risks and benefits of the use of valporate during pregnancy. It is important to stress that stopping any anti-epileptic medication suddenly can lead to a recurrence of seizures which may be fatal.”

Anthony Pooler
Emma Murphy

Doctors and midwives told me to keep taking Epilim
by Emma Murphy

“Accepting that a prescription drug has affected the health of my five children is something I have to live with.

I was prescribed Epilim at the age of 12 after being diagnosed with epilepsy. It is one of the best drugs on the market to control the condition, but the effect it can have on the unborn baby is a different matter.

Throughout my pregnancies, I was never warned of the possible side-effects. Questions were asked about how I was getting on with my epilepsy, but at no point throughout consultations was I advised about the possible side-effects of taking Epilim on the babies growing in my womb.

I was told to continue taking it. GPs, midwives and consultants all advised me to do so. I had complete trust in the medical profession.

Call it a mother’s intuition, but I soon realised something was wrong with my children.

Comments were always made about their features – their eyes and noses… what I know now as facial dysmorphic features – a symptom of FACS (Fetal Anti Convulsant Syndrome). Developmentally, they were always late in reaching milestones, particularly when it came to speech.

During this time I was diagnosed with depression and whenever I brought up the fact something didn’t seem right, it was a case of ‘Emma you have depression, there’s nothing wrong’. I was made to feel I was a neurotic mum imagining things. When I raised my concerns, I was given the brush-off.

When I discovered the link with Epilim and birth defects, I actually felt relief – I wasn’t going mad after all. Relief mixed with sadness and devastation that had I not taken the drug the outcome could have been so different. Yet awareness in the medical profession is still worryingly absent.

Most clinicians don’t seem to know about FACS syndrome and to this day women are unaware of the potential side-effects Epilim could have on their babies. We urge the government to hold a public inquiry into this matter.”


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Wobble Wednesday

Wobbles Wednesday

At the minute, every day is a wobble day. This is the time of the year where most people fall off the diet wagon, and I must say I’m feeling it to.

Food wise I’m sticking to 3 meals a day , my last meal being the smallest. I’m really lacking at the moment on the exercise front. I know I should be exercising, I know realistically it’s the only way I’m going to lose weight. I simply have no motivation at all.

I’m not sleeping great, so tired most days, then am finding am having seizures in the day time. I could tell you a hundred reasons, I basically need to get off my oversized bum and get moving.

So for this week I’m making a conscious effort to do more activity. Keep drinking my water and listening to Thinking Slimmer , which helps me greatly.

Have a good week Wobblers


You Are My Sunshine


I’m linking up with Autism Mumma on Twitter, for “You are My Sunshine” something that has happened in our week and has made us smile.

I’ve had a really rubbish week this week, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. So when my daughter Erin, came to me showing a picture and writing she had done…… I was made up. All it was saying was that she was going to bake me a cake, but it made my day.

As the saying goes “The Simple Things In Life”


Cassie’s Open Day –

Have you ever dreamed/aspired to be a make up artist or to work within the make up industry?? If you have now is the chance to see what it’s all about.
The lovely Cassie Lomas – Co-founder of Cassie Lomas Make Up Academy situated in Manchester, is having an open day , so budding make up wannabes can have a taster for the day. Speak to tutors, ex students and find out what courses are to be offered at her fabulous academy.
Go and reach for your dreams….. If you believe it WILL happen