Wobble Wednesday

Wobbles Wednesday

At the minute, every day is a wobble day. This is the time of the year where most people fall off the diet wagon, and I must say I’m feeling it to.

Food wise I’m sticking to 3 meals a day , my last meal being the smallest. I’m really lacking at the moment on the exercise front. I know I should be exercising, I know realistically it’s the only way I’m going to lose weight. I simply have no motivation at all.

I’m not sleeping great, so tired most days, then am finding am having seizures in the day time. I could tell you a hundred reasons, I basically need to get off my oversized bum and get moving.

So for this week I’m making a conscious effort to do more activity. Keep drinking my water and listening to Thinking Slimmer , which helps me greatly.

Have a good week Wobblers


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