If you have ever watched your baby when born be rushed to special care unit and fight for their life, this poem below will really take you back. When I read it my skin had goose bumps, thinking of when Lauren and Luke were both in Special care with all the wires attached to them and the bleeping machines. It is from one of our parents Saffron, who has 3 children and her daughter is diagnosed with FACS. Saffron found writing poems a big stress relief for her and she has just published her 1st book, a series of poems that are just fab. funny and importantly from the heart.

There she was in her incubator
Kept alive by her ventilator
What did I feel? I was strangely serene
But that could have been the dose of the morphine

The feeding tube slid softly up her nose
Sticky pads adourned her fingers and her toes
Every so often the monitors would beep
Waking her from her gentle sleep

It seemed like forever until someone spoke to me
“I’m afraid your baby has a disability”
The words spun around and around inside my head
Could it be right, really true what he had said?

Felt out of control, wanted to run away
But who would be here for my baby the next day?
Gathered all of my strength and all of my will
And here I am today with my daughter still

So glad I never ran, shes made my life so fine
Changed me for the better and opened my mind
So next time you see someone a little different to you
Give them some of your time, they just might change you too

Saffron Palmer

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