Day 15 – Wobble Wednesday

This week I have had a fairly good week.

7:30 is Breakfast time at the table for the kiddies. I normally don’t have but I’ve been making a conscious effort to have cereal the same time the kids do. I was speaking to my personal trainer at Curves about diet, excercise etc and she advised to basically eat 5 times a day, 3 meals and 2 small snacks. So with that I’ve been having a big bowl of cereal, Yoghurt around 11:00, then around 2:00 I’ve been making a smoothie ( made with 250g milk, 1tbsp of Natural Greek Yoghurt, ice and frozen fruit and banana ) Teatime is around 5:00 – I’ve been having no carbohydrates at all, totally cut them out, so for tea it’s usually a good portion of Chicken with Veg.

I read an article in Daily Mail this week about how little bursts of excercise HIT (example 2 minutes hardcore on an excercise bike, a few times a day ) is more beneficial to the body compared to a workout in the gym. Great for us ladies who don’t like the gym!!!! I’ve been trying to plank everyday at least 2 times, I’ve been planking whilst walking around or sat down. Basically holding my stomach right in for 30 seconds. Whether this helps I don’t no, but I’m sure every little helps.

The one thing that has made a huge difference in my attitude is the Thinking Slimmer Slimpod I bought. It really is great. I listen to it every night in bed . I feel a lot lot more relaxed about “dieting” and basically sticking to all the above. I’ve had a few weak moments , mostly for chocolate and rather than go for a twix/galaxy it’s been a Blue Ribband.

No ones perfect and each day is so different , but we have to make small changes to help ourselves.

Hope all #wobblewednesday mums
are doing ok



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