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This week has been fairly good, even though at weigh in tonight it not showing on the scales ::((

For a week now Ive been listening to Thinking Slimmer.  This is a podcast that lasts for 8 minutes and its aim is to positively focus your mind on changing your food habits throughout the day.  And let me tell you it may be 8 minutes but it certainly has an affect.  The lovely voice of Trevor is so soothing (I want to meet him), I wish it was longer than 8 minutes ::))Watch movie online The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

I’ve already noticed positive changes, and whats better is that they just come naturally to you.  Normally I have 4 Weetabix in the morning, the first day after I listened to the podcast, I only put 2 in the bowl and put the weetabix back in the cupboard.  It was only when I had eaten them took the kids to school that I realised I had two.  I’m actually choosing fruit over chocolate, Ive been working away in London with the campaign and normaly will have a bar of chocolate whilst working in the evening, ut came the grapes and pears…….this is not normally me.  Today in Nandos I got a chicken wrap and chips with which I normally finish the full plate, I had about 6 chips and gave the rest to my husband.

So even though it isnt showing on the scales I do feel definately that with all the fruit I’m eating these are really positive steps this week  I’m not thinking of it as a diet and there isn’t the usual feeling of pressure, it is a change of life the same as Slimming World,watch full The Invisible Guest 2017 movie online

Excercise at the minute is going out the window as I’m in London so not being able to go to the gym, but stating as active as I can and the steps on m Fitbit are clocking up each day.

Being on medication I am constantly thirsty and do drink full fat Vimto, so my aim this week is to just drink water.  Vimto….full of sugar all going onto these hips of mine, so stopping that this week, water it is for me.

How has your week been??

Small Changes = Big Results


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