The Delayed Affect

I’ve just come across a cartoon picture and for the thousands of mums whose children have Autism etc it is one like I did when I saw it……This is/was my child.

When in school, children with SEN have to work that extra bit harder than a child who doesn’t have any SEN problems.  The child with Autism/Dyspraxia/Aspergers Syndrome/FACS is being agitated by the slightest noise, sound, look of another person, smells and whilst in the classroom this is constantly building up and building up, whilst as any other child and as it was in my sons case still trying etoro to impress his teacher.  Other issues they may have such as poor handwriting skills, the pressure of this and them knowing that they are not as good as other children in which ever area they are lacking in, adds further more to their anxieties.  These different anxieties build up all day to the point that when the child comes out of school at 3:30………… complete and utter breakdownlive streaming movie A Cure for Wellness 2017

Before I moved my son from his previous school, this was an everyday occurance.  Within 5 minutes of him getting into the car, the slightest noise from one of the other children and he would be screaming/crying as he had kept all his feelings together to the point where as you can imagine shaking a can of coke then opening it…….. Explosion.

For many parents deep down they wish this explosion would happen in school, so that the teachers would see the level and depth of the problem their child is facing to get them the help and support needed.  In my sons previous school the pathetic and fruitless headteacher implied that my son was lying…… he would do, he didn’t want to spend the money he received in his budget on other staff/resources that were there for the children.  And sadly this is the case from a lot of parents I hear from.

Fast forward 6 months and my son is like a totally different boy literally.  Seeing him run out of school smiling rather than crying, engaging with his sister who without sounding dramatic “wishes she wasn’t his sister” .  As a mum after him only now at the age of 9 actually smiling, ask me should I have done this sooner, 100% yes.  He still has the odd day where he has had a bad day, but it is a lot less reduced.

This isn’t and hasn’t just happened to me, it happens to the majority of children and families whose children have SEN.  They need the correct level of support, integration and most of all a school that is understanding and supporting, one that isn’t bothered about Ofsted targets and what they can get from their budget.

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